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News Release

Pitcairn Miscellany goes live online

ANGWIN, Calif., May 21, 2004 ----- “Pitcairn Miscellany,” the 45-year-old monthly newspaper of Pitcairn Island, South Pacific Ocean, is going live on the Internet today.

The publication, which is read in hard copy form by some 1,800 persons world-wide, is now available online for US$10.00 per year, and may be ordered at

In its present, hard copy form the newspaper began in 1959. It is now an eight legal-size-page publication, produced by the Pitcairn Island School. It handles a variety of stories about Pitcairners, island history, visitors, weather and fishing reports, and a diary of daily activities.

Pitcairn’s first news publication began in November 1892, as the short lived “Monthly Pitcairner.” In 1956, a second news publication, the “Pitcairn Pilhi,” began a publication run of 18 months. In April 1959, “Pitcairn Miscellany” began publishing and has, with only a few interruptions, published monthly ever since.

The print version of “Pitcairn Miscellany” is available for US$10.00 (cash only) from Editor, Pitcairn Miscellany, Pitcairn Island, South Pacific Ocean, via New Zealand.


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